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Why should you consider outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing can benefit businesses of all sizes, including middle and small sized companies as it allows reducing costs for the development and supporting business growth. There are many reasons why company should consider outsourcing as a great option.

Cost saving is still being considered as the most appealing benefit of outsourcing. When outsourcing IT activities you do not have a need to invest their money as outsourced company will take care of all the requirements. You will definitely reduce your expenditures as there is no need to provide any office space, equipment, specialists training, certification, to pay employee related taxes, or invest in in-house staff training. Salaries of IT professionals working in the most of the outsourcing destinations are quite lower compared to Western European or North American companies.

Time saving and focus on your core business activities are other greatest advantages of IT outsourcing. Our time is very valuable. Although outsourcing initially requires time investment, later you will probably save your time. You do not need to spent time on recruiting and training the staff and arrangement of work space for specialists. Transferring of IT activities on a long-term basis to independent contractor will allow you to focus on the development of your core activities and pay more attention to your business and clients.

Among other important reasons to consider outsourcing is the quality of provided services and access to the latest technologies and resources. You are able to choose the outsourcing services provider that will specialized on the specific task that is going to be outsourced to them. IT outsourcing will give you access to up to date technologies and IT knowledge accumulated in outsourcing companies, and to highly quality and skilled IT workforce. This is exactly what your business needs to be most competitive. When selecting the provider you are able to ask for the references in order to investigate the company expertise and interview IT specialists so that you could be ensured that you have best people working on your project.

Thinking about outsourcing to Ukraine?
Maybe you should.  Ukraine is capturing a great amount of attention as a very attractive outsourcing destination due to reasonable costs, reliable and well-developed infrastructure and large pool of highly skilled IT workforce. The favorable geographical location and insignificant time zone differences make it attractive for nearshore and offshore software development. Strong hi-tech educational system, large number of technical universities and R&D centers ensures that outsourcing industry in Ukraine gets highly qualified IT professionals. With the highest IT outsourcing market value in the CEE region, Ukraine might be the best choice for companies looking to outsource their projects within Europe.

Some of main advantages of outsourcing to Ukraine:

  • Mature IT outsourcing market that continues to develop rapidly – Read more
  • Large pool of highly-skilled specialists, top-notch technology talent – Read more
  • Strong educational system, large number of universities, scientific schools and R&D centers – Read more
  • Good command of English
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Economics and politics transformations towards Western business models
  • Cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe – Read more
  • Significant cost reductions, including labor costs