Ukrainian Government is to support IT education

Ukraine is one of the leaders in the European outsourcing space being ranked the first in the volume of IT outsourcing services provided among 16 countries of the CEE region according to “CEE IT Outsourcing Review 2010”. One of the preconditions of the IT outsourcing industry development is the availability of extensive talent pool.

In 2011 the number of IT specialists working in the industry reached 25,000 people with 20% growth. The successful development of IT outsourcing services industry in the country depends a lot on its deep IT talent pool. The presence of strong science schools, universities mainly focused on engineering specialties fuels the industry but nevertheless there is a need to improve the quality of IT professionals and to strengthen cooperation between businesses and educational institutions in order to sustain the further development of IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, of 16,000 IT specialists graduating each year from Ukrainian universities only 4,000-5,000 are employed in companies that provide professional IT services. But this number might easily double because of the initiatives of Ukrainian government aimed at the creation of favorable conditions for IT outsourcing business development.

Thus, a working group under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister, Sergey Tigipko, and IT Committee of together with IT associations, IT companies, leading technical universities and the Ministry of Education worked out the a decree intended for the improvement of IT education, attraction of youth to IT industry and bringing education to the needs of IT labor pool. A decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On approval of the agenda to identify the priority areas of IT education development for the years 2011-2013” aimed at the support of IT education in Ukraine was signed by Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov on September 21st, 2011.

This document foresees reforms in educational systems by means of adding improvements into the educational programs of universities and professional educational institutions, enhancing the practical trainings for students that will help students and graduates to better understand IT industry specifics, and introducing a more in-depth study of English language what is very important for the preparation of highly skilled IT professionals.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Sergey Tigipko, believes that in order to increase the competitiveness of Ukraine’s IT industry, there is a need to make changes in the process of IT professionals preparation and to foster the closer interaction between IT business and education. The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that the support of IT industry foresees the creation of necessary infrastructure for companies and simplification of custom procedures for import of equipment used in IT field. Earlier, the working group headed by Sergey Tigipko also developed the changes in legislation aimed at the support of IT outsourcing industry, particularly tax cuts for IT companies.

The signing of this decree is very important step which will facilitate the development of Ukraine’s IT outsourcing service industry by increasing the number of IT specialists working in the industry, and making the cooperation between IT companies and universities tighter.