Advantages of Outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine as an IT Outsourcing destination is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Ukraine offers highly skilled IT specialists at a low cost for companies looking to develop projects within Europe.

Locating their core IT development in Ukraine, Western Europe’s companies are likely to save 40 to 60% of their total in-house IT spending.

With the highest ITO market value in the CEE region, more than 16,000 IT graduates each year, Western orientation, WTO membership (since 2008) and the highest democratic level among the non-EU CEE countries, Ukraine is emerging as a Silicon Valley of the CEE region. Ukraine is planning to enter EU in the long run and is permanently adjusting its IT safety regulations to the Western European standards.  Figures from the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, the country’s outsourcing software development association, reveal Ukraine’s outsourcing industry is estimated to have grown by 20% in 2010.

The availability of extensive IT talent pool, supported by the highest in the CEE region public expenditures on education, can ensure that every single industry segment gets highly qualified IT workforce. In Ukraine, 18,100 IT specialists worked in the outsourcing industry in 2009. That figure is estimated to have risen by 2,400 last year.

Some of main advantages of Ukraine as an outsourcing destination:

Mature IT / BPO market that continues to develop rapidly
Large pool of highly-skilled specialists, top-notch technology talent
Strong educational system, large number of universities, scientific schools and R&D centers
Good command of English
Well-developed infrastructure
Economics and politics transformations towards Western business models
Cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe
Significant cost reductions, including labor costs